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Construction Spervision

Construction SpervisionTitre : Construction Spervision

Nombre de page : 466


Description: The book has been divided into four sections with a total of 20 chapters. The intent of Section I: Setting the Stage is to provide an overview of the construction industry and to provide a basic understanding of the characteristics of the supervisor and the job of supervision in the construction industry.

Section II: Soft Skills focuses on the nontechnical areas that are of fundamental importance to successfully carrying out the duties of a supervisor. Chapters in this section cover communication, both oral and written, team building, managing employees to embrace diversity and eliminate discrimination, and managing the human resources through leadership and motivation. The final chapter provides practical guidance in solving problems,

since a significant portion of the supervisor’s day is taken up with recognizing and dealing with problems as they crop up.


Section III: Technical Skills addresses the more technical areas of supervision.

It begins by establishing the importance of a safe work environment and then provides guidance in how to secure that safe work environment. Next, the contract is introduced as a very powerful tool to help manage field operations. The next chapter addresses managing the physical resources on the job, including the materials and installed equipment that go into the project, as well as the tools and construction equipment required for that installation. The next two chapters focus on developing an accurate projection of job costs and then managing the actual costs to maintain them within the projection. The last two chapters in this section address control of time and the management of the production processes.

Section IV: Project Supervision considers the overall project, first presenting project organization and then moving successively through mobilization supervising throughout the project, and closeout of field operations. The intent of the last chapter is to provide guidance to the supervisor in how to develop professional skills necessary to successfully supervise projects well into the future.

Because construction is a dynamic industry that is rapidly evolving, the book closes with suggestions for how supervisors can prepare themselves to maintain relevancy in an industry that is continually changing and prepare to move up the supervisory ladder.


Content of this book:

Section I: Setting the Stage

Chapter 1: Overview of the Construction Industry

Chapter 2: Supervision and the Supervisor

Section Ii: Soft Skills

Chapter 3: Oral Communication

Chapter 4: Written Communication and, Documentation

Chapter 5: Team Building and Maintenance

Chapter 6: Maintaining the Relationship between the Employee and the Employer

Chapter 7: Managing the Human Resource

Chapter 8: Risk Management And Problem Solving Section Iii: Technical Skills

Chapter 9: Safety

Chapter 10: The Contract as a Management Tool

Chapter 11: Managing Physical Resources

Chapter 12: Managing Costs: Understanding

The Estimate

Chapter 13: Managing Costs Elements of Cost


Chapter 14: Managing Time on A Construction Project

Chapter 15: Managing Production

Section Iv: Project Supervision

Chapter 16: Project Organization

Chapter 17: Mobilization

Chapter 18: Ongoing Operations

Chapter 19: Closeout of Field Operations

Chapter 20: The Supervisors continuing


Appendix 1: Consensus docs 750: Standard Form

Of Agreement between Contractor

And Subcontractor

Appendix 2: Simple Filing System

Construction Spervision
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